February 28, 2011

Kristi Cook's Haven Release party!

Yesterday Lisa, Wanda & I attended author Kristi Cook's "Haven" Release party at The Voracious Reader bookstore in Larchmont, NY. We had so much fun and made some new friends with a couple of other bloggers.

Kristi read a page or two from Haven and signed lots of copies :-).

Here are some photos of our day and a little video interview we managed to squeeze in.

 Lisa, Wanda, Kristi Cook and Dee

 Giving us a sneak peek of Haven

 This box and more came home with us!

It's a HAVEN cookie!!! Can't wait to eat!

Here is a mini interview we managed to squeeze in to Kristi's busy day! 

We have a lot of shipping to do lol. 

Lot's of thanks to Kristi Cook for signing so many copies for us LOL and to the Voracious Reader Bookstore for their kind hospitality. 

All Valentine's Day blog hop winners and other giveaways will be mailed on Friday, along with everyone's copies of Haven :-)

~ If you haven't picked up a copy of Haven, I say you do :-) and feel The Aidan Effect ~ 


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Thanks so much for getting me a copy =] Your a star!


  2. I found the cookie later that night. Score!

  3. The pictures are awesome. I loved the mini interview that was rockin'. That Haven cookie looked amazing. So wish I lived closer so I could have gone.

  4. Wow! Look at that box of HAVEN awesomeness! :) Thank you sooo much for getting me three copies! Can't wait to get that Aidan effect! *__*


  5. Looks awesome!! Thanks for picking me up a copy!! So sad I couldn't come :(

  6. OMG!! I look HORRIBLE!!!!


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