February 16, 2011

BLOG TOUR: Haven by Kristi Cook

I am sure by now you all know how much we loved Haven by Kristi Cook. Today we bring you a special interview with Aidan, Violet and Cece, the characters of Haven.

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Character Interview

Hi Everyone!

We’re here today with Violet, Cecilia and Aidan from Kristi Cook’s book Haven.

GCR: Welcome! Let’s start off with everyone introducing themselves.

Hi, I’m Violet (waves). 
I’m Cecilia, Violet’s roommate, but you can call me Cece. 
And I’m Aidan (shifts uncomfortably in chair).

GCR: Violet, tell us a little about your experience so far at a boarding school. Besides all the things that have happened, was it everything you expected it to be?

Violet:  Winterhaven is great.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve found a place where I truly fit in.  It’s a great feeling—really liberating.  Plus I’ve made some really amazing friends (Cece leans over and gives her a hug).  Honestly, Winterhaven is the best thing that ever happened to me (glances shyly over at Aidan, who smiles back at her).

GCR: Do you regret attending Winterhaven at all?

Violet:  Nope, not at all.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

GCR: Aidan, you were always the quiet one and kept to yourself from what we hear. Why break that for Violet?

Aidan:  I think the whole “kept to himself” thing has been highly exaggerated.  I’ve been working in the chem lab with Jack for a couple of years now.

Cece:  Yeah, but you never…you know, really hung out with anyone.  Like, for fun.  Until Violet.

Aidan:  (Reaches for Violet’s hand) Violet is special, in so many ways.  There were things about her that…intrigued me.  And once I got to know her, well…the rest is history.  There are thing that tie us together, that always will.  (mutters under his breath) Unless they destroy us, of course.

GCR: Cece, you share a room with Violet, correct? Tell us what it’s like being roommates with her.

Cece:  I couldn’t ask for a better roommate!  I mean, it took her a while to totally open up to me about…certain stuff.  But I understand why.  I think at first we freaked each other out a little bit, you know, with our gifts?  She swears I look dead when I’m off traveling.  Astrally speaking, I mean.  (laughs)

Violet:  You do look dead!  It’s terrifying!

Cece:  Yeah, well, you should see yourself when you’re having a vision!  Anyway, Violet is my best friend.  I am so, so glad she came to Winterhaven!

GCR: What’s a typical day like for you guys at Winterhaven?

Violet:  (shrugs) Not every exciting.  Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast.  Then classes—and classes are really, really hard at Winterhaven.  More like college, you know?  The food is good, though.  At night you can do what you want, if you don’t have a practice or meeting, that is.  Cece here almost never has a free night.

Cece:  (winces) Sad but true. 

Violet:  And Aidan here is sometimes off working in the chem lab.  For fun

Aidan:  You know why. 

Violet:  (nods) I know.  I’m just teasing.  But some nights, we can just hang out in the quad, or meet up with everyone at the cafĂ©. 

Aidan:  There’s this place I like to take Violet, especially during the full moon…

Violet:  (blushing) That’s my favorite. 

GCR: Around what age did you guys realize you were different from everyone else?

Violet:  I can’t really remember a time that I didn’t feel different.  I started having visions when I was really young, maybe four or five.  I learned really quickly to keep quiet about them. 

Cece:  Things didn’t get weird for me till I was about eleven or twelve.  You know, puberty.

Aidan:  Seventeen.

GCR: Violet, what was it like when you got your first vision?

Violet:  Very, very scary.  I tried to tell my dad, but he didn’t understand—kept telling me it was just a dream, a nightmare.  But I knew it wasn’t. 

GCR: Aidan, how does it feel knowing that you give the ladies “The Aidan effect?”

Aidan:  The what?

Cece:  You know, when—

Violet (elbows Cece):  Shhh!  I never really told him about that.

Aidan:  About what?

Violet:  Next question! 

GCR: What are everyone’s plans after graduation?

Violet:  I’m hoping to go to college in New York City.  Columbia or NYU, maybe.  

Cece:  Definitely college, though I might spend a year in Europe first.  And then…maybe Tulane.  I have family in New Orleans.

Aidan:  (shakes head) I really don’t like to think too much about the future.

GCR: One last final question, Can you tell us something embarrassing about one another?

Violet:  Hmmm.  Well, Cece likes to celebrity watch—I mean, astrally speaking.  Like, spy on her favorite celebs!

Cece:  Oh, shut up!  You know you’d do it too, if you could!  And Violet, well, she gets what we affectionately call “The Aidan effect by proxy.”  You just say his name and she goes all gooey, just thinking about him. 

Aidan: (grins) Really?  I like that.

Violet:  (rolls eyes) You would.  And hey, that’s kind of how Aidan gets when he starts talking science-speak.  You know, about his experiments in the chem lab? He gets all animated and happy-like.

Aidan:  Hey, I can’t help it if I like my work.  Anyway, you know—

Violet: (gives his hand a squeeze) Yep, I know why.  And you will find it, Aidan.  You will.  

GCR: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some our questions. 

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