January 05, 2011


Hardcover: 312 pages
Expected publication: February 8th 2011 by Blue World Publications
url: www.selectedshortsthebook.com

In 2051, commercial time travel became a global reality. Opportunities abounded for curious history buffs, futurists, and corrupt entrepreneurs. Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel is a spellbinding collection of 37 illustrated tales that explore time travel tourism and its repercussions.

In various settings ranging from Earth to deep space, Selected Shorts presents tales of those brave (or foolish) enough to adventure through the space-time continuum. Explore an era devastated by the Worlds War of 2267, cluttered with time traveling tourists and swindlers, terrorized by the all-powerful Icelandic Mafia, endangered by ruthless corporations, and threatened by vigilante space aliens.

The future as we know it will never be the same.

Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel - Trailer 1 from David Goodberg on Vimeo

I absolutely ADORED this book!

First off, I am a fan of short stories. I love being able to read something, put it down, and come back to it again without having to remember where I left off. And David Goodberg writes each story with such flow and humor, that you find you can't wait to see what story comes next.

Now, let me tell you right now: that you do NOT need to be a sci-fi fan, or a time -traveling fan to love this book. Does it help? Absolutely. But each story is so good all on it's own, that I guarantee everyone will find at least ten that they love.

I think that reason that I love this book the most, is because it reminded me of episodes of the Twilight Zone. You know how the Twilight Zone would take something normal and turn it on it's head (like a 6-yr-old Monster, or a killer doll)? That's exactly what Goodberg does in some of his stories. He takes these ideas of time-travel, peace on Earth, success - and he turns them on their heads, and really makes you think about the present even though his books are set in the future.

You also can't bypass the illustrations in this book. There are not too many of them, but they are fantastic and seem to fit the tone of the entire book perfectly. There are also little quotes in between each short story that are awesome! My favorite one was posted here on GoodChoiceReading, but I will post it again:

"Twenty-five years after the Worlds War of 2267 ended, large populations of Earth were left in mired in poverty. Nowadays, extra-terrestrial civilizations take vacations in the area to view the ancient landmarks and historical sites. They photograph the poverty-stricken conditions and don't lift a finger to do anything about it even though they come from a civilization that's far more advanced and has the means to help."

You have absolutely got to give this book a try - it's well-worth it! And if/when you do, make sure you comment and tell me which story was your favorite!

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  1. This sounds like a great book and one I am going to have to check out! I am not a fan of the short stories but in this case I would probably treat it like Dr. Who---different area every time :)


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