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January 06, 2011


So today, more than ever, we are finding that most of our favorite books are making it to the big screen - and some of them make us ecstatic, while others have us wanting to throw something out the window!

So our question of the day - WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT MAKING BOOKS INTO MOVIES? I think most of us can fairly say that we get peeved whenever our favorite book turns into junk in the theatre (FYI, I got up and left while watching Eragon). But is it a bad thing to try to turn these beautiful books into movies? I mean, won't it give people the chance to see something that they might never get to read? LET ME KNOW!!!


  1. P.S. - In my opinion, I don't think that a book should be turned into a movie unless the author has the right to be there, and change things. The author should have a say.

  2. I think its fine. I mean where do we think most movies come from? Books. So yeah I think they should be movies, but I do think that the author should have say on tweaks and changes, because that could distort the storyline a little bit.

  3. I have mixed feelings about books being made into movies. I always know the book is gonna be better than the movie. But I like that books are made into movies because sometimes they're books that I haven't heard of before or hadn't really been interested in reading before.

    I have to agree that the author should be involved with the movie's creation.

  4. I'm all for books turning to movies if they're well done. But then again, if I really loved the book (Twilight) I don't mind sitting through a mediocre movie (Twilight) just to see the characters in the flesh (ahh, Edward!).

  5. For the most part, I don't care for the movie version of a novel. Good writing takes a reader so much deeper than a movie can. Movies tend to cut things out (Harry Potter) or end up being way too long (Lord of the Rings). The movies are fine on their own, but me personally when I read a book, I get certain idea in my head about how a character or environment looks... and then the movie doesn't end up doing it justice. When I read Time Traveler's Wife, I cried like a baby at certain parts; I could hardly sit through the movie and my poor date fell asleep!

    I would agree though that movies are a great way to introduce a novel or series. My best friend got me hooked on Twilight by making me watch the movies and I finished the entire Sookie Stackhouse series in under three weeks.

  6. I get excited when I hear of a book I am reading or read getting turned into a book. but sad when it turns out bad...take for instance "Sundays at Tiffany's" that came on Lifetime the other night. was not as good as the book. but with "Dear John" I so enjoyed the ending to the movie than the book.

  7. For books that I've actually read, movie versions usually end up being disappointing. On the other hand though, there are books that I'd never read and so the only way I can figure out the plot is if a movie is made.

  8. I don't mind when a book it turned into a movie. I get really excited thinking about what the characters would look like, if the story will be anything like I pictured it, etc.

    I have to agree though, I wish that the authors would have more say when it comes to the movie. I would hate to be an author and not have any say in anything. Especially when it comes to the cast. I would want to pick people who are exactly the way I pictured my characters.

  9. No matter how bad the movie ends up being (ex: Eragon), I still get excited when they make movies out of books. Like you mentioned, I think that it gives the book a chance with a whole new audience that wouldn't have read it otherwise. I do hate it when they butcher the film adaptation though.


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