December 04, 2010

Review: Simplicity By Valia Lind

Driven, beautiful Alexis Sinclair lives her life to the fullest, following her dreams of running a big company. But when her world is torn apart by a storm, everything she has ever known disappears. Now, marooned on an island with a group of men, Alexis must learn to live in a world made up of simple things. Letting go of every known convenience, she realizes how insignificant her life has become. Filled with unrequited love for her rescuer she must battle the demons buried deep inside and she must look within herself and to her faith to find the strength needed to survive. Strong and influential, Jacob Peterson, has done all he can to survive. When the fate turned its tables on him, he learned to cope with the inevitable. Plagued by his past and secrets buried there, Jacob exerts a rigid control, refusing to succumb to the joys, and torturous pain, of strong emotions. Without considering love-a gift he may never receive, he believes--he chooses to live by strict set of rules. But when a strange beautiful woman washes up on his beach, the walls that he has put up long ago begin to crumble. Is she a punishment sent from God to torment his weary soul? Or is she a gift, sent from above, there to teach him how to trust? Who is this woman? And how will he stop himself from losing his heart? Will he learn to forgive the past in order to save the woman he loves?

My Thoughts:

First I have to say that "Simplicity" was my first "win" in any contest or give away. So When Valia contacted me saying I won, I was ecstatic. And Valia is such a sweetheart. She's always on Twitter talking to her readers. She's such a down to earth and a funny person. I'll give her info at the end of the review.

Now I feel the first thing a person should know about this book is, that this book is a very spiritual book. It's a book about survivors and their faith in GOD and how their trials and tribulations never faulted their belief in their GOD. They believed that every thing happens for a reason and they never questioned as to why they were happening. Instead of complaining and wishing these things weren't happening. They prayed for strength to make it through another day. I loved it!

So in Simplicity, Alexis Sinclair was living the life she wanted. She had finally become manager of the West Coast Division on her company and she couldn't be more happier. But before she starts her position as manager, she had to take one more business trip. While on flight her plane was caught in a terrible storm and crashed. She ended up in an island with fifteen men. They all embraced her and taught her to live her life with just the simple things. While learning new things and adapting to her new life, she started falling in love with the one who rescued her, Jacob Peterson. A man who absolutely makes her emotions go wild.

But Jacob isn't giving into emotions and feelings. He has his reasons for holding back and he fears if he doesn't he'll hurt the ones he loves. Now with Sinclair on the island he has all these emotions surfacing that he thought he had under control. But he refuses to give into these new feelings. So he holds back and plays it safe. But while holding back and playing it safe, Sinclair is the one who keeps getting her feelings and emotions all mixed up.

Though Sinclair has lost her old life, in this new life she learns a lot more. She learns to open up to new people and learn how to live life without the every day luxuries we all are accustomed to. Always giving GOD the credit he deserves, thanking him and asking him for his strength. This story was such a sweet story. I read this story in three days. And every once in awhile, I like to pick up a book that reminds me of the blessings I have in life and to never forget to thank the one responsible for all good. If you're looking for a read that doesn't have to do with your every day crisis but focuses on what's important in life, such as love, friendship and survival then this is your book. I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars and a DEFINITE "Good Choice for Reading"

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  1. What a fantastic review! It sounds like a book for my cousin and I may have to get it for her for Christmas :)

  2. Hey Felicia, its a really sweet story....I think your cousin will enjoy it.

  3. Thank you for a beautiful review, Wanda!!! I'm so privileged to be included on this blog :)


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