December 06, 2010

Firelight WINNERS!

Before we announce winners we want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Sophie Jordan for this wonderful giveaway!! Thank you so much! 

Now, I know you've all waited long enough! There were so many entries and some super funny and really good answers, but in the end we had to pick only three winners. :0( 
Our winners of the two signed copies are:

Jeremy West who said:

"If I could love any character, it would have to be Liv from Beautiful Darkness! The reason being that she is smart and blonde...and the number one reason: she's British!! I have a major thing for accents; especially British ones! She is sweet, brave, loves reading, and more! So believe me! If I could have a forbidden love with anyone, it would be her!"

Valia Lind Who said:

"I have to pick just one? Cant i have a love affair with a few? That way it'll be quite a bit more than Forbidden ;)
Ok, Number one - Jace from MI series - there is just something bout gorgeous, fearless, bad boys who tell you the truth no matter how ugly it is. But we know Jace's heart belongs to Clary so we just wouldn't work. So, number two would be Patch from Hush, Hush. Bad boy angel with a wicked sense of humor? Move over Nora! :) But since I'm a poor mortal girl, that particular romance wont work out either. I guess I will just have to spend the rest of my life with Xavier from Halo. Gorgeous, sweet and understanding. It's only forbidden cause he doesn't exist :)
Well, wow...there ya go :)" 

And our winner for Firelight Swag is:

Carol Dias who said:

" Why the hell Edward Cullen doesn't count? Is it a book? yes. Is it a
forbidden love? Yes. All these teenage girls just destroyed my
character' reputation... hunf. And he has so many great sides! See,
he's rich, aham, that's important in a future love... Bella is stupid
not to have fun with the gifts, I would. He's pretty, yes always nice
to have a love that won't age. He has a strong family figure in his
live.. dysfunctional, a little, but strong, right? He's shiny. WHAT?
Can't I like the shiny part? Don't lie to me, I KNOW every girl liked
shiny things when they were little.. all that colorful glitter pens. And
there's Alice... if all sisters-in-law was like her, the world would be
better to live in, actually, she is a great plus point by being his
forbidden love. Ahhh.. that reminds me the cars. I can't BELIEVE
Bella was running Italy in a yellow Porsche and just could have fun
with it. See? Forget Bella, I would enjoy the fobidden love more
than her, for sure."

All winners have been e-mailed and have 48 hours to reply with their address. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will have to pick a new winner. 


Thank you everyone who entered! That was fun! LOL Make sure to check back with us soon because we have another giveaway coming up we know you will like! :0)


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