November 11, 2010

Thursday's Question Of The Day....

So, I was just sitting here today thinking about what we had discussed at work the other night. The topic was about eReaders and how more and more, things are turning digital. Well, everyone began thinking about what the world would be like without books. 

So my question is...

What would you do in a world where books no longer came in paperback/hardcover and were only available as eBooks? 

Of course now that I am working at Borders Bookstore and I see all the beautiful books on the shelf, this runs through my mind a lot lol. So I am just a little curious to see what everyone else thinks.



  1. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. Think about all the trees that will be saved - and the wonderful impact not having books will be on the environment.

    I don't know if it's feasible - but I think that one day the world should be a "print by order" type of place. That way, the publishers only have to print books that people 100% want in their libraries. I mean, there are hundreds of books that I've read and loved - but how many of those do I really NEED to have on my shelf, you know? But there are certain books (and I can probably count them on my hands)that I read over and over and couldn't live without.

    Finally...and sorry this is really long - but think about how many authors out there write AMAZING books but can't get published because the Publishing Houses don't think that that person will sell enough copies to make a profit. If the world were all digital (and you can already see this happening), more great authors will be able to get published for a lot cheaper - and have their stuff read :)

  2. WOW Maria good point. I didn't think of it that way. Maybe having them "print by order" isn't such a bad idea. Good points Maria.

  3. I agree with Maria, I don't think it is a bad thing. However, I do think it will take a while to get to "print by order" society.

    I swore I would never own a book reader. However, while organizing my book shelves and trying to cram in a few more books, I realized how much less clutter I would have if I saved buying an actual book for those cherished ones and all others were eBooks. Since I hate clutter guess what I am asking for for Christmas. If I don't like it, I can always go back.

    If we do end up going to an electronic book society, can someone bottle "New Book Smell" so that I can always have that?

  4. Call me Old School I guess. I like the feel of a book in my hand. Book marks and book thongs will be obsolete. I love my bookmarks. They are unique and fun. Granted, I have not actually used an ereader but i have tried to read books on my PC. EPIC FAIL. Holding my laptap is just not the same as holding a good book. I cannot snuggle on the couch with an electronic. I need my book. A book is more personal to me and our society cannot afford to be any more impersonal than it is already. Long Live the Books :)

  5. I'd be bummed because I love to hold a book. But I guess I'd have a very full Kindle or two ;).

  6. I would cry some serious tears. I like a real book in my hands, fresh new pages to turn, the smell of a new book. I would not like it if they were all ebooks.

  7. Here is my answer to your question. I ended up posting on my blog.

  8. Life wouldn't be the same without books! I love ebooks, but something about sitting at home with a nice book in my hand just makes me happy lol.

  9. I would have to read all the books that I have not read in paperpack and hardcover after that...die! J/k


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