November 17, 2010


Expert swordsman Adrian Masters attempts a dangerous journey to another world to rescue human captives who have been enslaved there by dragons. He is accompanied by Marcelle, a sword maiden of amazing skill whose ideas about how the operation should be carried out conflict with his own. Since the slaves have been in bonds for generations, they have no memory of their origins, making them reluctant to believe the two would-be rescuers, and, of course, the dragons will crush any attempt to emancipate the slaves. Set on two worlds separated by a mystical portal, Masters and Slayers is packed with action, mystery, and emotional turmoil, a tale of heart and life that is sure to inspire.

Paperback, 400 pages
Published September 28th 2010 by Living Ink Books

Note: There is another set of books out there titled The Dragons of Starlight Series. It's by the same author, but from some of the research I've done, it looks like that series is more YA while this novel is for adults.

With that being said - I loved this book :) I have to admit to being a little bias though, because I am a huge Eragon fan - and I adore books about dragons. So if you do too, this book will make you so happy, lol.

The basic storyline is about this idea that there is another world out there - inhabited by dragons - where humans are being taken as slaves. The dragons (most of them) treat humans like they're garbage. They abuse them, force them to breed with each other and barely give them anything to eat. But there are some who have made it their mission in life to save the slaves and make sure that the dragons never come back to their planet again.

What I love in this story is two things: first off, one of the main characters who goes out to "save the day" is a woman named Marcelle. She's a girl who hates wearing dresses, loves to show-up men in sword competitions and is ridiculously brave. I love her attitude and passion. The second thing I love about this story is the fact that Marcelle and Adrian (our other hero) don't necessarily realize that they're in love in the beginning. And even in the end, they still don't fully admit it, but you can see the feelings showing up. Far too many times, the two characters fall in love WAY to fast in these books - but I was so intrigued by the way this love-story works.

I really enjoyed this book, and think that you all will too. Check it out - 4 out of 5 stars :)


  1. Maria,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my book. Thanks for the review. :-)

    Bryan Davis

  2. Maria,

    Hmm, this sounds like a really good book!

    BTW, you should check out Firelight! I promise you will love it!


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