November 28, 2010

Review: Absolution by Jennifer Laurens

Zoe’s secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows her secret: that she sees both good and evil spirits. Her boyfriend knows. At least Matthias is her guardian angel again. But now Hell’s most ruthless leader will stop at nothing to have her soul.

Albert, Matthias’ father, is relentless in his hunger for Zoe. He wants to destroy Matthias and will use Zoe to do so.

The battle between Heaven and Hell tests everything Zoe has. As she witnesses everyone important in her life suffering, she’s brought to the ultimate choice: will she sacrifice her soul to save the ones she loves?

Have you ever had a piece of cake or your favorite pastry, sitting in front of you waiting to be devoured? It looks so delicious and so satisfying that you almost don't want to eat it because then it will be gone. So then you decide to eat it, but instead of shoveling it onto your mouth you take your time, savor each bite. That's what reading this book was like for me. I'll give you another example, since its the holidays I'll use Christmas. When you're a kid, or at least it was always this way for me, Christmas eve was better then Christmas day. Throughout the whole day on Christmas eve, its great because you have the anticipation of Christmas day to look forward to. But on Christmas day its always a little sad because its over. It took me a long time to read this book, simply because I didn't want the series to end.

I fell in love with Matthias from the very first time Zoe met him in the park. He reminded me of Edward from Twilight because he had that mature and wise yet still sexy quality about him. He just like Edward was born in a different time, and as a result saw the present world in a slightly different way. Zoe on the other hand, is nothing like Bella. Zoe is confident and sure of herself and in beginning a bit of a wild child. But I think that's why she fell in love with Matthias. On the surface they are opposites, but their hearts beat the same.

So in this third and final installment in the Heavenly series, Zoe comes full circle. I loved it like I loved the first two. All of our questions get answered and in my opinion the author ended things pleasantly. However, Zoe does not get to have her cake and eat it too! Of course if it were up to me the series would continue, but all good things must come to an end I guess. Though I think all the Heavenly fans will agree with me that it's time to campaign for a movie! 



  1. I loved Absolution, but Penitence was my favorite!

  2. I love this series and Jennifer is the most generous author out there. Thanks for the great review

  3. I just got ABSOLUTION in the mail today! I'm cracking the cover as we speak and can't wait to know what happens. But I think I will miss the series. I love Matthias!


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