November 07, 2010

Cover Love!

Published January 2011 by Harlequin Nocturne Bites

An instrument for evil, trying to be good...

Sick of living a life of cynicism and evil, Yuri went against his horde and completed a mission that now has him marked for death. With a bounty placed on his head by his depraved brother, Nikolai, Yuri has no choice but to run. He thought he’d be safe in the land of Mysts. But there is no hiding from your twin when he can read your mind. Wounded and with Nikolai’s hunters closing in, Yuri knows he must leave the Mysts and return home.

A vessel for good, doing her best to be bad...

As a child, Ileana lost everything thanks to Nikolai and his maniacal rebels. Now she’ll risk anything to see him brought down. Even if it means becoming a hunter, like the one who killed her family. When chance brings her face to face with Nikolai’s twin, Ileana thinks the hour of revenge is finally upon her. However, Yuri is nothing like the monster she’s hunting. In fact, he’s not like any man she’s ever known. Ileana swore to never need, never trust again. Yet every time he touches her, she feels the emptiness and hate inside her melt away into bone-deep desire.

Together they might have a chance

Yuri has dealt with the evil pit of his brother’s soul since the day he’s born. He’s not about to let his guard down around one of Nikolai’s bounty hunters. But Ileana is like no woman he’s ever met, warrior, soldier or mortal alike. She is every bit a match for his instincts, every bit the sensual and passionate ying to his yang. Can the would-be enemies work together to bring down the evil they both despise? Or will their love doom not only their cause, but their very lives?

I cannot wait to read this book! I loved Shadow of The Vampire and Dragon Warrior by Meagan Hatfield and I am pretty sure I will love this one too! 

Vampire in her Myst will be released in January 2011.

Anyone else read and loved Shadow of The Vampire? How awesome is this cover????


  1. I love this cover! I'm looking forward to its release. I'm a total Meagan Hatfield fangirl!!

  2. OMG Dee!! How come I didn't see this post? I wanna read this too! It sounds really good. Looking forward to reading it.


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