October 09, 2010

Review: Sister Of The Bride By Susan Mallery

When Katie McCormick finds out that her sister is marrying her ex, she finally agrees to a setup for the big day. To her surprise, Jackson is a catch. But when wedding catastrophe ensues, will their sparks fizzle or ignite into flames?

My Thoughts:

I LOVE Susan Mallery and I love her books. With that being said. I enjoyed reading this short story. And despite the fact that this book is a work of fiction, one can only hope love arrives just in time when we desperately seeking for it and longing for it. That's basically what every woman wants and Susan Mallery knows exactly how to write it. Kinda wish she was the author of "my" love life.

In "Sister Of The Bride" Katie's sister is marrying her ex. The very guy she stole from her own sister about a year ago. But I must say Katie handled that gracefully because if my sister stole my boyfriend she would have received a lot more than just a boyfriend. Just saying. LOL. So days before the wedding, Katie's mom keeps harassing her about finding a date so that the family won't have anything to say about her being dateless. So just to please her mom, she lets her set her up with her mom's best friend's son.

Not knowing what to expect, Katie braced herself for a nightmare but was delivered a beautiful dream. Her date turned out to have blossomed through out the years and he was a HUNK. As they face obstacle after the other during the wedding, the true question was. Will the chemistry between them two continue past the wedding festivities? Will you can only find out by reading the book. You won't be disappointed. It's a lovely short story and here's a catch ladies. It's free at border's I believe for a few more days. So hurry up and grab the ebook edition while you can. Because this book is definitely a Good Choice for Reading =D

Here's the link to get her free ebook of "Sister Of The Bride" To hurry because it's only for a limited time.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review, Wanda! I'm glad you enjoyed SISTER OF THE BRIDE. By the way, it's available for free on Kindle right now, too. (At least, it was yesterday.) You can see details in the Dear Reader letter on my website, with the link.

    Also, now that you've read SISTER OF THE BRIDE, take another look at the Fool's Gold website to see what Katie and Jackson did after their book finished. www.foolsgoldca.com/news.php You'll smile, I promise!

  2. thanks for the review! I found it on kindle for free today and instantly downloaded it. :)


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