October 27, 2010

Her Timeless Obsession By Tina Ordone

In 1910, Mrs. Honoria Smythe discovers trunks full of old clothes, letters written in 1810 between two lovers and journals, which tell the tale of a glorious love affair cut short. The young woman becomes smitten with the distinguished soldier in a dusty portrait, which makes her wish to find out more about the people involved. She discovers the great love story was torn asunder by a duel and her heart breaks for the lovers from a century past. Her fondest wish is to be able to somehow warn Jeremy Saintaubin and Honoria Danby, her ancestors, of what fate has in store for them, well before the damage is done. A fall down the stairs somehow propels her thoughts back a century, into the mind of Honoria Danby, the object of Jeremy Saintaubin's affection. Will the unexplained strange thoughts and excruciating headaches save the day or will she lose the love of her life on a misty morning in Green Park?

My Thoughts:

The author to this book Tina Ordone A.K.A. Britta Addams gave me a copy of her favorite novel. You know authors have novels that they consider their "baby" and I had asked her which one of her novels was her favorite and she mentioned this one. So I participated in a live chat with Britta along with other bloggers and she offered me any of her novels and I asked her for this one, since she spoke of it with admiration.

This is a very sweet and romantic story. The main character named "Honoria" who fell in love practically at first sight with Lord Jeremy Saintaubin. Honoria had to endure lots of negativity from her brother as well as cruel punishments when he finds out that she was "entertaining" him. Due to those incidents, she was sent running to Jeremy and endure whatever came to her. With Honoria, Jeremy felt he had it all with her, the sun raised and set in his eyes with her. He loved like he never believed he would. He found in her what he never thought possible and she in him also.

"Her Timeless Obsession" was a love story based on how Jeremy and Honoria fought to not let anyone interfere in their relationship and the affection and love they had for one another. I won't write much more because I don't want to give the book away. But it's definitely a sweet romantic read. If you're into historical romances, then pick up this book. =)

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