October 01, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway! (Part One)


Good Choice Reading and Once Upon a Twilight are teaming up and bringing you some GREAT giveaways, along with some really cool Guest post and interviews from some of our favorite authors. So are you ready to help us celebrate HALLOWEEN? I know I am super excited to share some great books with you all! This event will run from today (October 1st) until October 31st!

To kick off the event we have a special guest post by author of Shadow of the Vampire, Meagan Hatfield. Make sure to read the entire post, you won't be disappointed! :0) 


My first thought as I make my way into the dragon mountain is how friggin cold it is up here.  And mind, I’m currently living in Wisconsin, so you’d think I’d be okay with blowing snow and thirty-below-zero temps.  But I’m a Cali girl and sadly have never been much of a snow lover. 
Shivering, my arms wrapped around the manila folder in front of my chest, I impatiently wait as the stone wall crackles and parts like a gravel curtain, revealing the low-lit cavern on the other side.  Without even pausing to see who’d opened the magical door, I hustle in, only partially relieved at the relatively low temperature increase.  Thinking a roaring fireplace…oooh or nice cup of steaming hot coffee, would have been much more welcoming. 
I literally jump at the deep voice, letting out a shocked gasp.  Whipping my head around, I come face to face with a chest.  A wide, thick chest somewhat hidden by a veil of long black hair.   Heart still racing, I clear my throat and tip my chin up a few inches in order to see into the strangers face.   
“Uh, yup that’s me,” I manage to mumble, self consciously running a hand through my wind raped hair, even though I know it’s a hopeless cause. 
Still, the man grins down at me.  His gleaming white smile is as warm and comforting as the sincere glint in his emerald eyes.   He holds out one hand, placing the other behind his back as he bows slightly. 
Such a gentleman.
“It is an honor to meet you, Miss.  I’m Falcon Grey.”
“I, um, *clears throat* I know who you are,” I say, reaching my hand out to his proffered one.   And how could I not know who he is?   For one, only dragon lords are this big.  And believe me, the man is huge.  The holster hugging his muscular chest, (sans weapons thank goodness) reveals he’s a warrior. 
Dragon Lord. 
Black hair. 
Green eyes. 
The power of deduction alone tells me it’s Falcon, although I recognize him on sight as if we’d met before.  And part of me feels like we have.  I mean, as foreign as this place is, as surreal being here actually feels, something about Falcon’s presence is reassuring and immediately sets me at ease.
He leans over to the wall I’d just come through, tapping some numbers in a control panel before slamming it closed.  When he faces me once more, I notice he reflexively, almost absentmindedly, rolls his shoulders.  Out of nowhere, I find myself wondering if his wings are itching for freedom.  Wonder what he’d look like with his scaled green wings popped open wide behind him…the tight black combat shirt ripped off and discarded…a fine sheen of sweat coating his perfectly cut abdomen…
*shakes head*  “Uh yeah, I’m here to see Declan.” I say, my voice squeaking so it sounds more like a question than a statement. 
Smooth, Meagan, I chide myself.
Yet, Falcon doesn’t notice where my one-track mind had just wandered off to, or is gentlemanly enough to pretend not to know. 
 “Of course.  The King is expecting you.  It’s right this way.”  He pivots, allowing me to pass by him in the narrow hallway.  I follow his lead and he quickly falls into step beside me. 
As we maneuver through the inner passageways, Falcon keeps both hands clasped at the small of his back.  I tell myself it’s the only way he can keep them off me.  The only way he can stop himself from pressing me up against the stone wall and ravaging me.  Yeah, I know I’m kidding myself.  But hey, it still makes me smile in a way that reminds me of my teenage daughter when she recounts her daily bus encounter with the boy she likes.  In fact, I’m so lost in my internal musings that I barely hear him announce we’ve arrived at the council room.  And once the thought does process, where we are, where I’m going, finally sinks in, my mind is reeling again. 
“I’m going INSIDE the council room?” I clarify.
Falcon only nods in reply.  Then he takes a step closer and another until he’s all I can see.  The heat of his body warms the chilly air between us.  A soft hint of exotic spices, leather and man hits my nose with just enough force to be intriguing and sigh-inducing all at once.  I lean in and close my eyes, taking in a deeper pull of him before I can stop myself. 
Great Meagan, you’re acting like one of those bimbo’s in an AXE commercial.
At the inner bitch slap, I shift back against the wall, averting my gaze as he leans in, his arm brushing my shoulder.  Mine jump as his knuckles wrap against the wood door once, twice before he turns the handle, pushing it open without waiting for a reply from within. 
“I’ll be here when you come out,” he says, the affirmation comforting, friendly and it’s on the tip on my tongue to thank him.  It suddenly hits me why Tallon thinks of him like a brother.  He radiates protective caring vibe even though dragons and especially dragon lords are supposed to be aloof and even coldly distant.  A fighter and a romantic, I think with a smile.  Hmm.
Two steps later, I enter the room alone, feeling Falcon shut the door behind me.  Although I try to play it cool, my mouth can’t help but drop open to finally be standing here.  Blinking back awe, I take in the large circular table, warm fireplace, the ornate chairs.  I can almost envision every member of the council sitting around the table, planning and discussing.  However, right now, only one figure is present and accounted for.  The fire glowing behind casts him shadow, only his outline is clearly visible.  And even sitting, his size is impressive.  I exhale aloud, wondering if I’ll ever get used to being surrounded by such tall men…err, dragons.
The folder in my hand slips as his voice vibrates through me.  I fumble, tightening it against my chest.  “Yes.  And before we get started, I first want to thank you for seeing me.  Say how honored I am to be the first human you’ve allowed to see this council room.  I know how sacred this place is…”
My words fall away as the King stands; his features finally becoming visible in the low light.
“If anyone is welcome here, it is of course you,” Declan says, his lips curving up in a slight smile.   
My mouth falls open for the second time in as many seconds as I wordlessly shake his hand.  Holy Hannah, if I thought Falcon was droolworthy, Declan is…stunning.  Gorgeous.  His sapphire blue eyes mesmerizing and clear, reel me in and I have the sudden urge to drop to my knees…for a couple reasons.   
“Please, sit,” he says, motioning to the chair beside him.
“Ah, sit.  Yes,” I say, trying to pull myself together.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think dragons still used hypnotic powers to cast spells over women to get them to do their bidding. 
“Now, what questions do you have for me today?”
“Questions, right.” I tuck my hair behind my ear and rustle with the manila folder and myriad of papers crammed inside, trying to find my focus.  “Well, I have a number of them, and a lot are about Alexia.  All of the readers are very worried about her and how she is fairing after being turned and leaving the vampires.  Can you tell us how she’s doing?”
Declan grins broadly and I can tell right away it’s has nothing to do with my question, but some private or secret thought.  “That is very sweet of you humans to concern yourselves with my finance.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re engaged?”  I clasp a hand over my mouth to stop the high-pitched squee from echoing in the room.  “That’s wonderful!  Congratulations, when is the big day?”
“Well, we would like to wed today if we could.  However, we have decided to wait for Tallon to return.”
Although he doesn’t say it, I can hear the longing in his voice and knows he’s hoping she won’t come home alone.  “I hope she finds your parents too, Declan.”
He blinks up at me with a look of surprise.  “Of course, I’m a fool to try and hide anything from you.”  He straightens in his chair.  “Thank you for your concern and well wishes.”
“So, a wedding!  Are dragon weddings the same as human ones?  I mean, do you have a bouquet, a DJ, open bar, a priest of some sort, perform the ceremony in a holy room or down in the Magus Dome?”
Declan let out a laugh.  “Ah, no.  More like a mating flight.” 
“Mating flight,” I parrot.  “That’s right.”
A beaming smile curves his lips.  “You’re more than welcome to come for the ceremony and the party.  Although you won’t see much once we are airborne, it might ease your reader’s curiosity a bit.  Oh, and speaking of flying,” he adds enthusiastically.  “Alexia is doing famously with her shifting abilities.  I don’t even have to hold onto her anymore.  Although most of the times I do,” he adds in a low voice.
His wicked grin makes a school girl smile tingle my cheeks.  Makes me remember Alexia’s first flying lesson and where it lead those two…
“Next question.”
 “Oh,” I jump, again knocked out of my musings.  “Questions, right.” I rustle with the papers on my lap.  “Okay, here’s a good one.  Is there one little known fact about each member of the council you can share with us?  Give us a secret insight.”
“Well, Falcon loves those little green…” he motions with his hands, obviously struggling to find the right word.  “Jalapeños,” he snaps.  “That’s what they are called.  Ever since his first trip back from living amongst the humans, he’s constantly eating them.  I swear, he keeps a jar in his pocket!  In fact, come to think of it, you’re lucky to have seen him at all.  He’s been down the mountain nearly every day this month.”
“Now, Kestrel is the captain, most experienced and I daresay fiercest warrior of the lot.  But he has developed an almost uncanny empathetic trait ever since he wed Doc.  It’s like he’s taking on pieces of her, or something.”
“And speaking of Doc, she doesn’t like anyone to know, but she’s become quite the scrapper.  Kestrel not only works with her empath skills, but her warrior ones as well and I must say, she’s become quite impressive.  I can’t wait to get her out with the legion and see her in action one day.” 
“Hawk, as you know, is the oldest and supposed toughest dragon alive.  But *leans forward in his chair* and he’ll kill me if he finds out I told you this…he’s an emotion sap.  Loves …what do you call them?  Ah, chick flicks, right?  Yes, he can’t get enough.  I think he’s watched Titanic a thousand times and he weeps on every occasion,” he whispered on a chuckle.   
After a pause, he taps his chin in thought.  “Now, on the other end of the spectrum, Ash is the youngest member of the legionnaires.  However, I feel he has an auld soul.  He gives my heart hope for the youth of our kind.”
“Tallon.”  He smiles, but I can tell it’s tinged with sadness.  “She’s strong.  Stronger than she knows.  I hope she finds that inner strength within herself while she’s away.”    
“And Griffon.”  Declan frowns at the name, obviously in deep thought.  “Truthfully, I know nothing about him.  Probably why I’m so worried about my sister.”
“So,” I begin, wondering how to word this carefully.  “How do you really feel about Griffon and your sister spending so much time together on this mission?”
His jaw visibly clenches before his lips curls upward, revealing two long fangs I had not noticed before.  For the first time I glimpse the fierce warrior and vampire within him.  “It took all the trust I owned within me to watch them fly off together,” he admits.  “I can tell you this, if anything happens to her, his past will be the least of his problems.”
“I believe that,” I say under my breath.
“And then there is Alexia.” His voice softens.  “She worries about her horde and it kills me.  I want so badly to fix all of this mess we made.  To find a way to ease the ache inside her over what she perceives as failing at her duty.  *sighs*  I hope Falcon finds this human quickly.  Getting her to take Alexia’s place as Queen of the horde is the only way to ease her mind…and mine.”
“How is everyone adapting to Alexia living here, being with you?”
“Famously.  Not that they had an alternative.”
The subtle humor of his words can’t hide the protective lilt to his deep voice and it makes me chuckle.  “No, I suppose they wouldn’t.”  Shuffling papers, I search for another question. 
“Can you fill us all in with what has happened with the horde since Lotharus’…err, passing?”
An animalist growl echoes in the room.  It’s only at that moment I realize what Declan is.  What he could shift into within seconds right before my eyes. 
“Vampires who can walk in the day,” he explains.  “A new evolution of horde soldiers.  Falcon tells me they are infiltrating the human cities, feeding on them again in record numbers we haven’t seen or heard of in ages.  Intel tells us Nikolai, the dead vampire queen’s brother, is trying to take over.  Tells us he is looking for something.  We can only assume it is the same human we are hunting for.”
“The one you sent Falcon to look for?”
“Yes.”  *frowns* “However, Doc believes there is something else.  Something worse underfoot.”
Declan zones out, completely lost in whatever thought he’s not sharing with me.  I glance down, noticing he’s absentmindedly twirling a ring around his finger.  Its red stone glows in the firelight.  The two SS’s engraved on the face prick my memory.
“Hey that’s Lotharus’s ring!” I point.
He blinks down at his hand in surprise, almost as if he was truly seeing it for the first time.  “Yes, it is.  Alexia gave it to me,” he says in a far off voice.  “She told me about its original owner.  About what it meant to him.  Meant to Lothar…”
Declan’s eyes widen and he straightens in his chair.  Both moves make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. 
“Declan, what is it?”
“Doc…she told me something...I hadn’t…” he clears his throat.  “She thinks this ring has something to do with what Nikolai is truly searching for.  What he’s truly planning.”
My heart speeds up.  “And you think she may be right?” I probe, clicking my pen open and setting the tip to paper, ready to get the scoop.  “What do you think Nikolai is up to?”
After what feels like a ten minute pause, he shakes his head.  “Nothing.”  He pushes up to stand.  And I can tell by his tensed body movements whatever has him agitated is the exact opposite of nothing.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, Meagan.  I have something urgent I must discuss with Alexia.”
“Ooo, can I come?  I’d love to meet her.” I rise up too, rounding my chair and hastily gathering up my folder.  “I can stay for dinner…”
“No, not this time, sweet human,” he interrupts.  “But I’ll be sure you receive an invitation to the wedding.”
Sweet human, I think with a dreamy smile, melting a little inside before I catch myself.  “Hey, nice try buddy, but you can’t get rid of me that easily.  What did you just think of?  You have to tell me.  Believe me, I’ll get it out of you one way or the other.”
Declan cocks a brow and motions toward the door. 
I cross my arms tight around my chest.
When I don’t move, he places a large hand on the small of my back, guiding me out of the council room door to the awaiting Falcon.
“Declan, pleaaaaasssssseeeeee tell me.”
He smiles.  “Sorry.  Not this time.”
My lips bow in a frown. “But my readers!  They are going to want to know.  Argh, the wait will be horrible,” I whine, stomping foot with such temper-tantrum force, Falcon chuckles beneath his breath behind me.
However Declan doesn’t yield doesn’t do anything except offer me that damned sexy smile of his and pull me in for a quick hug.  “Then you best get to writing,” he whispers in my ear.
Dragons, I huff.


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