October 07, 2010

Being Naughty: The Life & Times of an Erotica Novelist By: Laura Stamps

Ages 18+

What happens when an erotica novelist, whose life is as sexual and lusty as her novels, creates a wildly popular blog to chronicle her sexual exploits? And what happens when those erotic blog posts are gathered together and published as a series of memoirs? You get an irreverent, sex-obsessed, hysterically funny read. One you'll be laughing about and recommending to your friends for years.Meet Laura Stamps, an erotica novelist, exhibitionist, voyeur, lust addict, hedonist, and sensualist. A woman who will tell you sex is her life as calmly as if she
were discussing the weather. Well, just before her naughty lips curl in a lusty grin.Okay, you've been warned...About the Author: Laura Stamps is an award-winning erotica and paranormal romance novelist, whose daily blog is wickedly naughty. Her work has been published in over a thousand magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide. The recipient of a "Pulitzer Prize" nomination, she is the author of more than forty-five books. A Wiccan Faery Witch, Empath, and Psychic, Laura enjoys writing hot, sexy novels about contemporary Pagans living in the Deep South.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It actually was very informative and funny. You learn alot about Laura and she encourages you to become a better woman for your husband if you find yourself slacking. You can find my full review @ Sinfully Tasty Read.

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