September 18, 2010


Nicholas Sparks' The Lucky One will begin filming in October. Nicholas Sparks announced the big news on twitter early today and also shared... READY? This is GREAT NEWS TO ME! lol

@SparksNicholas: Zac Efron will play Logan in The Lucky One which starts filming in October.

I think Zac Efron is the perfect Logan! And it's no wonder he has a beard now looking all grown and sexay!!! LOL

The Lucky One was not one of my favorite books by Nicholas, but it was good and has a little action in it. So I am looking forward to the movie. I am such a huge fan of Mr.Sparks, that I would have gone to see The Lucky One even if Zac Efron was not playing Logan LOL.

I also wanted to share that author Becca FitzPatrick also shared with everyone that there WILL BE a part three to her Hush, Hush series and it's called Tempest. If you visit her website you can find more information. It says its due out Fall 2011. I super excited because the way Crescendo left was CRAZY! I love this series!! 

Well TTFN! I am off to read some more of Nicholas Sparks NEW book Safe Haven.

GCR Dee 


  1. wow! which btw, zac efron with beard is.. a no for me. D:

  2. Hey Fi-Chan

    I have to agree. When I saw his picture in In-Touch magazine, I thought to myself EW! But then when Nicholas Sparks announced that he was playing Logan, I was like NO WONDER! LOL Logan has a beard in the beginning of the book lol


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