September 13, 2010

Guest Review: Crescendo by Becca FitzPatrick

** Guest Review by Rose @ Crazy Book Reader **

by Becca Fitzpatrick
Simon & Schuster
October 2010

Hi, well here I am with my Crescendo's Review, I want to say that I am not at home so I don't have my usual reviews format and also there is so much excitement that some great friends of mine have about this review that I have decided to write this review 100% from the bottom of my heart and how it goes with spoilers or not I am going to let my fingers run free, however I hope you like this review and over all you feel really excited about reading the third book, of this wonderful series that Becca Fitzpatrick has created. Of course all of this is possible thanks to Good Choice Reading an amazing blog produced by 3 wonderful ladies, where I won a Crescendo ARC; special Greetings to Dee who I hope like this review too. I encourage you to visit Good Choice Reading where you will find awesome reviews and cool contest!!

And for now just Nora and Patch. I had a lot of expectations about this book because Hush Hush, was one of the best books I read the firs semester of this year,I was captivated since the beginning by the love-hate relationship between Nora and Patch,but over all the attraction that was born and sparkle between them in just few seconds is just as incredible as real, I mean I am sure everyone of us have felt this quick attraction to hot guy without even knowing him that well. And meanwhile Hush Hush left us very happy with and ending with Nora and Patch together living their rising romance in Crescendo we come to realize that this is not going to be easy at all, we know that but Nora don't. Nora believed everything was going to be so easy, but as her guardian angel Patch has to follow some rules, some very strict rules, that Nora doesn't know about at all; and while turning pages in Crescendo Nora is beginning to understand that far from being secure, her relation with Patch is doom. And besides that, Nora has to deal with that fact that she is start seeing her father, yes her dad, the one who died a year and so ago, well Nora is watching him walk around the city and she starts to believe she is going crazy, although the things going on in the past few months she starts to believe everything is possible. And almost everything is, because now Patch is going away from Nora, how could that be??, and he is getting dangerously close to Nora's school archienemy, the sexy and disturbing Marcie; of course Nora is totally jealous and she search with out even knowing it some comfort in other place should I say arms?? Anyhow, all this book just become a mess, but a funny, interesting and wonderful mess, I just wasn't able to let down the book, Becca Fitzpatrick is a master, everything she writes even if at times its confusing, it ultimately becomes clear and makes lots of sense, nothing that she writes is just to fill some pages, because everything has a goal, everything that she writes has a reason. In this book you can't trust anybody not even your besties and you must have to let guide even by your worst enemies (this is an advice for Nora). I loved the book I can even say it was better than Hush-Hush, even romance between Patch and Nora is doomed, they manage to find some time for them, sexy and ├╝ber exciting moments, which make you want  Becca to lead us a little bit further but she has to keeps this book in the YA safe zone. Intrigues are everywhere, I couldn't stop reading always wanting to know what was happening next. The mysteries around Nora's dad murder are unveiled and we get to know why and how he was killed. Crescendo got me excited, frustrated, made me yell, it makes me want to kill Nora, several times, the only thing I did not do was cry, but really this is a book that give you a walk trough all emotions, Becca is an expert describing scenarios, but specially emotions, she makes you fall in love with the characters and makes you care about them and their future. And the ending, gosh!!! the ending it is a totally cliffhanger!! you just turn the page wanting to keep reading just to realize you will have to wait till the next book!! Of course this is a 5 Crazy Book Cats Book!!


  1. Loved this!

    Just read it the other day.

  2. Thanks for hosting my review.. LOL I am nervous dunno why... haha....

    go for Tempest!!!!


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