September 03, 2010

About our Fall Giveaway...

First we want to thank everyone who has already signed up to participate. This is going to be so much fun & I cannot wait!

Just want to give everyone a little more information on this going go down

- Make sure to constantly check your e-mails for updates and such from us Add us to your address book so the e-mail won't end up in your SPAM folder.

- This giveaway is strictly about books. You can giveaway ANYTHING that has to do with books. 
For example: Books, Book bags, Bookmarks & Swag, Booklight etc.

- This event will take place for ONE WEEK ONLY from Wednesday, September 22nd to Wednesday, September 29th. The winners be announced the next day (Sept 30th) or October 1st.

- You can give away any book in any genre of your choice. This giveaway is WHATEVER you want to giveaway that has to do with books. 

- Depending on the blogger, this contest can be US & International
FYI, for those who do not know, The Book Depository ships to most countries for FREE.
You can view a list of these countries on their website.

- On our Blog the day of the event, you can find a page with everyone's Blog and giveaway. You can add this page or list to your blog at anytime.

- Every time we promote our giveaways on Twitter (If you have twitter), we will use the hash tag  #FallGiveaway so we can keep track of everyone's giveaway.

- Since there is so many blogs involved, we are allowing participating blogs to enter these giveaways as well.

- A week prior to the event, I need everyone to e-mail me a detailed list of what every blog is giving away, and if its open to US, International or both.

- If for whatever reason any blogger would like to be removed from this event, please e-mail us a week before the event.
- We suggest you create your giveaway and post a day before, then set it to be posted at 12:01 AM September 22nd. 

- You can create your won rules for your giveaway, but please keep it as simple as possible. We're all here to have fun! 

If you are not participating in this event, but would like to be apart of it, please e-mail us at with your Blog URL so I can add to the list. :0)

If you have any questions at all please e-mail us as well.



  1. WOW! Your Blog is BEAUTIFUL!
    Seriously, as soon as i set my eyes on it, i was blown away. i am surprised u guyz don't have more than a 1000 followers. =)

  2. Aww thank you so much! We're trying! Can you believe that we've only been blogging end of April early May? :0)

  3. I'm drooling over here -- eee, thanks for the hard work!


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