August 25, 2010


I just love the covers of Claudia Gray's Evernight Series! I've been waiting to see the cover of Afterlife the final book in the series and I just saw it today on her website and OMG! I love it!

If you have not read Claudia Gray's Evernight Series, what are you waiting for? Lucas and Bianca are just amazing together!!

Here are the covers in order...

And finally, the book I AM DYING TO GET MY HANDS ON BUT HAVE TO WAIT TIL MARCH 2011 :-( 

I LOVE IT!!!!!
Can you tell how excited I am? LOL

What do you think of the new cover/covers? LOL



  1. I absolutely love the covers. I love Afterlife too. I can not wait for it as well. I hate cliffhanger ending's. I am dying to know how Lucas will react. I got Hourglass the day it came out and hate having to wait so long for Afterlife.

  2. I love Afterlife, but the other three are too dull for my liking. :/ I'd probably love them if there was a bit more contrast

  3. You're right, great covers... I haven't actually read the series, but you mentioned that Bianca and Lucas were great together, and now I want to read, lol
    Ooh, and I just checked on Amazon, book #1 is bargain priced *yay*

  4. I love them! I think each cover matches every story. :0)

  5. I cant not wait for After LiFe !!! My favorite covers are defiantly Hourglass and Afterlife... beautiful <3


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