July 25, 2010

GotBooksEvent and Jennifer Laurens Winners!!!

Thank you everyone for entering! This was so much fun and we can not wait til next year to do it again! Because it was such a success, next year we will have to do something EVEN BIGGER! hehe 

SPECIAL THANKS TO GotBooks? Event for hosting this event and allowing us to participate!!! :-)

Okay, Okay...Geesh we wont make you wait any longer hehe ;-)

For our YA Batch, we received 198 entries!!! That is a lot! WOW! And thank you to Random.org the lucky Winners are
1. # 62

Donna Simmonds
your First choice was:
Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Our Second winner is #88

Stacie Vaughan
your First Choice was
Shade by Jeri Smith Ready

Our third and final winner in our YA Batch is # 175

Bella McGuire
your First Choice was
13 to Life by Shannon Delany

Our winners for our Paranormal Romance batch, out 111 entries are:

Thanks to Random.org

1. # 30
Maria Perez Martinez
your First Choice was
Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon

Our Second winner is #110

Julie Swaney
your First Choice was
Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher

Our third winner is #13

Jeanette Juan
your Second Choice was
The Conquest by Julia Templeton

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Thank you everyone for making this event such a success! 
Now, our winner of Jennifer Laurens' Heavenly and Penitence is

Brandi Kosiner

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Thank you again! Make sure to keep checking back for some more great giveaways!

You can still enter to win an ARC of Crescendo by Becca FitzPatrick. You can find the link under CONTEST/GIVEAWAY! :-) Ends August 3rd.


  1. Awesome!! I have been wanting to read that book for awhile!!!

  2. Congratulations everyone! Glad you enjoyed the Got Books Event...hope to see you next year! ^_^


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