June 09, 2010

CONTEST: Author Interview and Giveaway! - ENDED

Hi Everyone! 

Starting today we have author Melanie Nowak this week and she will be answering some of your questions as well as giving away a signed copy of the first trilogy set of her "Almost Human" series. You can read Dee's review HERE on Melanie Nowak's "Almost Human" series. To enter for your chance to win this give away just keep scrolling down hehe....

About the Author...
Taken directly from www.MelanieNowak.com

Melanie Nowak

  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Board Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Lifelong reader
  • Lover of nature and all things fantastic and magical

Melanie Nowak has always had a vivid imagination and a fascination for the paranormal. Acting and singing in theatrical productions throughout college and in church had always been a passion. However, upon conceiving the idea for the "Almost Human" series of books, she discovered a previously unknown passion for writing! Not only can she finally put her over-active imagination to good use, but she can create characters she loves, and she gets to play all of the parts!

Upon completion of the first trilogy for "Almost Human", the author made the decision to publish her books independently, thus maintaining complete creative control of her vision for the series. She has founded "WoodWitchDame Publications”, published her first three novels, and plans to release many more for this exciting series! 

Melanie Nowak lives in New York with her loving husband, two young sons, and an ever growing collection of pets. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, and a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science.

About her books.... 
Taken from GoodReads

 VOLUME 1: Fatal Infatuation

 Felicity is quiet, shy and prone to self doubt. Going away to college is an opportunity to mature into a confident young woman; but her new beginning turns out to be more of an adventure than she bargained for when she finds that her new school is plagued not by bullies, but vampires! 

Cain is a man who displays quiet confidence and inner strength even as he struggles to overcome the sins of his past. Centuries ago he was reborn as a creature of the night - a vampire. Surprisingly he found that in losing his life he gained his faith and a purpose. His mission: find and educate hostile vampires to live in peace with humans; teach them discipline to control the supernatural presence within. But after meeting Felicity his most difficult task lies in controlling himself.
Together they must navigate the difficulties of addiction and desire; the perils of zombies and vampires; and struggles with abuse, morality and? college.

VOLUME 2: Lost Reflections

Felicity has helped her friends to escape Sindy and her evil coven, but cannot divine the motives of Cain, the vampire who captured first her gratitude and then her heart. The historical account of his past and how he became a vampire is enthralling and frightening. She must decide whether he really is the gentle and sincere man that he seems, in desperate need of love and understanding in his fight against his own vampire nature, or if his thirst for her blood is a driving force too strong for their love to conquer. How will she ever truly know if the addictive venom in his kiss is clouding the judgment of her mind? Her heart has already been lost to him; will she lose her life as well? 

VOLUME 3:  Evolving Ecstasy

The relationship between Cain and Felicity has crested to a peak that leaves them unsure whether to step back for safety or jump into a future united in death. Felicity embodies qualities of gentleness and loving trust that Cain has never found among his own kind. This makes her far more desirable to him than any creature of darkness could ever be. Is her trust in him only the foolishness of a young girl in love? Cain is all too conscious of the fact that the venom of his bite would give him a measure of psychic control over Felicity. He could make her into a vampire, to accompany him in his quest to help others and abate his loneliness. Is his desire for companionship worth the loss of her life?

What is up for grab? A signed copy of Volume 1-3! :-)

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This contest starts today June 9 and ends June 15.



  1. Looks like some good books adding them to my list of books to get if i do not win.


  2. Awesome! I love her books, a very talented author! I pray I win! :)

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  4. Hi NeverSleepsawink,

    You also have to fill out the forms above. :-)

  5. Okay I've done these things:
    -Filled out the form...oops sorry I knew I was forgetting something. ;)
    -Become a fan on Facebook of her "Almost Human" series Facebook Fan Page
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    -Tweeted about the contest too.
    Thanks for giving me the chance to win these great books! :)

  6. Ok I have
    Completed the form above
    Became a Fan of the Almost Human Facebook Page
    Became friends with Melanie Nowak on Facebook
    Visited the Melanie Nowak Website
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    Posted info & a link about this contest on my Facebook Page

    Thanks for having this contest and good luck everyone! :)

  7. What An Awesome Giveaway. I Sent In Both Of My Entry Forms. Thanks So Much For Bringing These Books To My Attention. They Sound Really, Really Good.

  8. I just started reading Born to Blood. I love Mattie!!! I have been a fan for over a year...facebook, website...the whole shabang!!! I am so happy for Melanie. She is very talented and devoted to her fans. Great Author!!!

  9. Hi everyone!
    Thanks for being a part of the giveaway - good luck!

    Don't forget to leave some interview questions for me :-)

    ~ Melanie

  10. If you haven't read these books yet ...your missing out! I bought a kindle just to read the first trilogy...(they were only avaliable that way when i purchased...weren't in print!) and it was worth every dime....I have all books in kindle editon and hardcover now...just LOVE THEM.....

  11. These look like some entertaining books. It's good to find out about authors/books I haven't heard of before.

  12. @Melanie, They really are!! I love them and I am so happy Melanie Nowak is doing this interview/giveaway with us! hehe :-)

  13. Hello, Love the Paranormal Genre and can't wait to give these a try...

    Michelle B. aka koshkalady

  14. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway, here is what I have done:

    - Left a comment below
    - Tweeted about the contest here: http://twitter.com/Stella_ExLibris/status/16215018366
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    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com


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