May 06, 2010

The Immortals Series By Alyson Noel

This is the first book in Alyson Noel's The Immortals series. I don't really know where to begin with this series. I loved the first book Evermore in this series and loved the second book until I got til the ending of Blue Moon.

Now in Evermore there was not one thing I found that I did not like. I loved the fact that I had no idea what Damen was or where the story was going. I just loved sitting there waiting for everything to be revealed. It was a very interesting book and for me a "page turner."

So when I finished Evermore of course I recommended it to my friends who read it and loved it as well. We were waiting for the second book to come out and were really looking forward to it. 

Blue Moon: As soon as I got my hands on this book I was excited to get home and start reading it. I loved everything about this book until the very end. I felt so upset at Ever for being so dumb when proof was thrown in her face, but yet she still chose to believe the bad guy. I felt that the ending was so rushed and did not really make much sense to me at all. Don't get me wrong I like the way Alyson writes and would read anything else by her, but this book at the end seemed to me like she did not know what to do next or how to put everything together. I was so upset by it that when the third book came out for some reason I had no urge to read it. It's like Blue Moon ruined the series for me :-(. I bought the third book started it, but never finished it. This is just my opinion on the series, but I don't think I will be finishing this series. I do not like where the story went. :-(


  1. Your Review Gave Me A Lot To Think About. You Made The first Book Sound Like A Must Read But Then The Rest Of The Series Seems To Be Not Som Much. Although I Am The Type Of Reader That Once I Start A Series I Have To Finish It So Not Sure What I Want To Do Here. Especially Because I Believe My Sister Is Reading This Series So Once I Get Her Opinion I Might Be Really Torn Or Really Clear On What To Do. Thanks For Giving A Truely Honest Review And For Giving Me Something To Think About.

  2. Hey girl, yes I have to say that I was not happy at all with where Alyson took the series. The first was just so good and the second one was a page turner until I reached the ending. It ruined the rest of the series for me :-(. Like I said though it was only my opinion. If you get to read it I would like to hear what you thought about it.


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