May 19, 2010

For Jennifer Turner fans! News! yay!

For those who don't know who Jennifer Turner is here is a small bio about her from her blog Jen Turner 

"I'm an author of Dark Paranormal Romance with mild horror elements. I write about Vampires, Werewolves, Paladins, Harbingers and Celestials. Don't be afraid, just pull up a seat and let the Darkness take you."

I came across Jen Turner's first novel in her Darkness Within Series on Amazon after I had purchased another book by an author named Melanie Nowak. Amazon did it's little recommendation at the bottom, I read the reviews and purchased it. For those who love reading as much as me you know how much it is to discover a new author and add it to your pile hehe. Jen is a self published author, or was but we will get to that soon hehe... 

Anyway, I loved her book so much kept up with her blog and facebook and could not wait for the next book in the series called Eternal Hearts. Of course now she just gave us some really great news and we now have to wait and see what happens. Jen is now going to be a published author with an agent and obviously her books will be on hold for a while until everything is figured out. Head on over to her blog to read her post on the WONDERFUL NEWS!  

Jen Turner - Blog  

You can also check out her website: Jennifer Turner - A Darkness Within

Obviously changes will be made soon, but I don't care I love her first book and can not wait for the next and anything else she gives us!  

Here is my review on GoodReads for Eternal Seduction : Eternal Seduction Review by Dee

Congratulations Jennifer!! I know you must be real excited and as I said before do not worry us fans can wait for Eternal Hearts hehe. 


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