May 31, 2010

ARC Give away starting June 1st - June 7th


Just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow our contest will begin :-). What is up for grab you say? A signed ARC copy of Meagan Hatfield's "Shadow of The Vampire" which is out in stores July 1st. It's the first book of the series and many more to come (hopefully!) hehe. 

Not only is it the first day of our contest, it is also Meagan's birthday tomorrow!!! :-D 

Once the contest is over Meagan will take the time to answer some questions for us and sometime at the end of the month she will be doing a live chat with us. 

So make sure to check back tomorrow and enter our first contest on Good Choice Reading hehe :-D

As you can tell I am very excited! Thank you Meagan!!

To find out more about Meagan Hatfield and her books check out her website: Author Meagan Hatfield.


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