April 19, 2010

Evernight by Claudia Gray (Lisa)

Bianca has been uprooted from her happy, uneventful life to start anew at an elite boarding school where her parents will now be professors. Even though Bianca doesn't feel that she is the Evernight type--rich, beautiful, gifted--she knows that her parents feel that this is best for her. She and Lucas Ross share a special connection from the moment they meet and he , like Bianca and a few others, is an outsider. He is a rebel who is on a mission to discover the secret behind Evernight Academy. As the weeks progress, their relationship heats up. What they don't realize, however, is that they each harbor a great secret that could divide them forever. Can their love survive the truth?

A friend recommended this book to me right after I finished the Twilight Saga. While it is different from Twilight, its also very good. I fell in love with Bianca and Lucas and enjoyed the rollercoaster of their romance. Just when you think you have it figured out, the author suprises you, in a good way. Claudia gray describes Evernight in such a way that you really can picture it, and wish you were there walking the halls with Bianca. I really liked this book because it kept me guessing and left me wanting more. Its the first book in a series, so also look for Stargazer (book 2) and Hourglass (book 3). So anyone who is looking for a book with love, action and adventure go buy this book, you won't be disappointed!!!!

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