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May 31, 2012

TQOTD - Any Book Lovers on Pinterest?


There, I've said it, I've claimed it - it's done! Pinterest has to be one of the most fun websites I've ever learned about, and it's where I spend hours up on hours just staring at a computer screen, lol. I mean, what's not to love? It's just pictures upon pictures of stuff that I and my friends adore, LOL!

And yet....surprisingly....I have very little pictures of books on my page.

Thursday's Question of the Day: How do you use Pinterest when it comes to books? Do you even use it at all? 



  1. I have yet to visit pinterest. Maybe I should, huh?

  2. I love Pinterest!!! I upload our blog post up there :-) It's awesome!

  3. Deff on it! http://pinterest.com/patriciaspartic/

  4. I love pinterest, too :)
    I have a My Reviews board, where I post the covers of the books I've reviewed.
    And my book boyfriends are also there :P

  5. I have pinterest but I don't use it for books. My boards are related to anything pink, quotes, cakes, or DIY's

  6. I've created boards for sexy romance books and YA must reads. Plus for tv shows. Just a visually fun way to share favs.

  7. I post my blog reviews, favorite blogs to visit, favorite books, books recommended to me, favorite bookstores, and favorite book-related products.

  8. I have a board for book things http://pinterest.com/andreabcd/book-things/
    Not just covers, but other book-related pics... :) Hopefully I'll be able to take some bookshelf/bookshop/library pictures of my own soon...

  9. I post book things! I put my TBR on there so I can just pin book covers wherever I see them. I also pin bookshelves and libraries and bookish things. I pretty much just pin book stuff and food.

  10. i discovered Pinterest only recently, I read a post about how it would be a great tool for book blogger's by Mandy @ The Well Read Wife so I joined and now most of my boards are book related.I even wrote a post about Pinterest and blogging a few months back. I have a board for books read in 2012, 5 star books, Book Covers I love, etc and you can click through to read my review of the book on my site. I also have a board for giveaways on my blog. It's definitely addictive! Here's a
    link to my book related boards if you are interested:)


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