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December 15, 2011

Review: One More River by Mary Glickman

ebook: 262 pgs
Published: November 1, 2011
Publisher: Open Road Integrated Media LLC

Bernard Levy was always a mystery to the community of Guilford, Mississippi. He was even more of a mystery to his son, Mickey Moe, who was just four years old when his father died in World War II. Now it’s 1962 and Mickey Moe is a grown man, who must prove his pedigree to the disapproving parents of his girlfriend to win her hand in marriage. As the greatest challenge of his life unfolds, he will finally discover the gripping details of his father’s life - one filled with loyalty, tragedy, and heroism in the face of great cruelty from man and nature alike. 

I am so angry at myself for not picking up this book sooner! Quite honestly, the title and cover never really appealled to me; so as more exciting books came onto my shelf, I kept moving One More River to the side....ugh, don't you just hate having to admit how wrong you were!?

This book was A-MAZ-ING!! It grabs your attention, it's intriguing from the first page to the last, and I am not joking when I say that you literally fall in love with these characters.

To put it simply, the story is about a man named Mickey Moe Levy, who is trying to learn more about his father's past in order to convince his fiance's family that he is worthy enough to marry her. While Mickey Moe's story is interesting, and keeps the pace of the novel moving, it is truly the story of, Bernard Levy, Mickey Moe's father, that will move you in ways you never thought possible.

The adventure that is Bernard's life - from how he was raised, to how he becomes best friends with two black siblings (in a time when the association could prove deadly) - is fascinating, funny and immensely loving. Bernard's passion for life, at both the happiest and saddest of times - makes his character unforgettable. You root for him the entire time, and every time he goes through any emotion, you feel it right along with him. Mary Glickman is a fantastically talented storyteller and this book will just knock your socks off - take my word for it!

5 out of 5 stars!

Check out this video interview with author, Mary Glickman!


  1. I just finished reading her other novel, Home in the Morning. I liked till the ending, was quite disappointed. I was expecting a bit more of 1960's struggles. I was putting off to read her next one, since she sent me a ebook, which is time restraints. I think I had better read it now. Thank you for your review.

  2. I'm so glad to find your review. I LOVED Home in the Morning and was waiting ages for this one to come out. I'm only half way through but I'm loving it and can't understand why it isn't on the bestseller lists.

  3. Maria! Loved seeing you at the BEA. I had to drop by and read your review again. So happy you dropped by.


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